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Where could Asbestos be in my home?


Inside the home Asbestos was commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, Vinyl floors, carpet and tile underlays and wall sheeting. Outside the home it was also used in roof sheeting, capping, guttering, gables and eaves, fencing, sheds and carports.


Are you licensed to remove Asbestos?


Yes, we are licensed to remove non friable (Bonded) Asbestos and also to supervise the removal of non-friable (Bonded) Asbestos.


Are the workers qualified to remove Asbestos?


Yes, all the team at All Southern Asbestos Removal have completed the relevant asbestos removal course.


What precautions does All Southern Asbestos Removal take when removing asbestos?


We work to all SafeWork NSW requirements and codes of practices which includes

  • Approved Protective clothing (PPE)
  • An effective mask or breathing apparatus (not all are safe)
  • Specific processes to ensure fibres are not dispersed into the air
  • Notification to Safe Work NSW.
  • Prescribed storage, wetting down and sealing processes
  • Licensed disposal sites ( it is illegal to dispose of it elsewhere)
  • Soil treatment for asbestos contaminated soil,
  • Specific and detailed notifications to neighbours (so they can take precautions)
  • In some cases, additional legislative restrictions and compliance issues.


How do I know if it is Asbestos?


The only way to be certain if Asbestos is present is for a sample to be tested. If you're not sure then treat it as if it is and take the necessary precautions.