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Retaining Walls in Sutherland Shire & St George Area

Finding Professionals to Create Retaining Walls in Sutherland Shire & St George Area

By creating retaining walls on your Sutherland Shire property, you can easily craft a visually interesting space that instantly gains more character and personality. However, it's not as simple as piling up some earth and putting down something to hold it in place. At All Southern Fencing & Gates, we open our doors to allow our clients to tap into our years of accumulated knowledge. Together, we can create a garden space that you'll love for years to come.


Key Questions to Ask All Southern Fencing & Gates About Retaining Walls in Wollongong

It's natural to have some curiosities and uncertainties about how to proceed with adding a retaining wall to your property. Here are some of the most important questions you should seek answers to when considering working with our team:

  • How will you handle any concerns about drainage? How can we prevent water from causing problems with the new retaining wall? Water is one of the biggest enemies of retaining walls and planning for drainage ahead of time is essential.
  • What material should I choose for the retaining wall? There are several options available, from concrete to timber and even stone. Each has pros and cons, but it’s also largely a matter of personal taste.
  • Are there any compliance concerns I should know about before beginning? Some walls over particular heights require additional safety measures to keep them in compliance with local and state-level rules. Ask us if you have any concerns about meeting these requirements.


What Can You Expect From Our Service in Sutherland Shire Providing Retaining Walls?

Once you make a choice to work alongside our pros, what kind of results can you expect from that decision? Take a moment to consider the high level of service we guarantee to all our clients:

  • A clear path from the start of the project to the final finishing touches, with everything in between handled directly by our professionals. We take stress off the table and replace it with the peace of mind that comes from a proven process.
  • High quality materials leading to the creation of retaining walls that not only look excellent but are durable over the long term as well. No matter the design you ultimately select, we endeavour to make it look it's absolute best.
  • A complete service for adding all required safety features, including fencing and handrails wherever deemed necessary. Learn more about the other services we offer.


Why Choose All Southern Fencing & Gates

With the importance of creating a retaining wall to the correct specifications, opting for a less experienced or less thorough choice could leave you with less than satisfactory results. Don't confront a retaining wall that slumps or fails after a few years of exposure to the elements. Instead, choose to work with a trusted team that can deliver valuable results at a level of quality you can trust. To arrange for a free consultation, or to explore more details about our process, please contact us today.