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Aluminium Pool Fencing


Aluminium Pool Fencing or Aluminium Tubular Fencing is what most people think of when they want a classic and timeless pool fence. This type of fencing is available in a vast range of custom colours and configurations, with the most affordable and popular being Black and Woodland Grey. (Standard Colours).

We use powder coated aluminium around pools for longevity as most pools these days are salt water. We can also have pool fence panels and gates Cromate dipped for high corrosion areas like waterfront properties.

There are many styles available from your classic Black Flat top (Pictured) with one top and bottom rail with 16mm round vertical rods to double top rails with rings and crosses or square rods and can be customized into nearly any shape you could want, including curved pool fence panels and raked or sloping pool fence panels. We also offer pool fence repairs and pool gate repairs and upgrade's



Aluminium Black Flat Top

We guarantee all our new pool fencing installations and can repair or modify your existing pool fence to meet or exceed both Sutherland Shire council compliance requirements which fall under the Australian Standards AS1926-2012 (NSW) pool safety requirements.

Pool Compliance certificates will be enforced for all properties that will be leased or sold or when major renovations take place. Sutherland Shire Council require all swimming pool fencing to comply with Australian Pool Safety Standards AS1926-2012 (NSW). We are fully versed in all requirements needed for pool safety compliance whether it be a new pool build, an existing pool renovation project or simply a pool fence upgrade.


Aluminium Pool Woodland Grey Flat Top


This means that all properties with an existing above or below ground swimming pool that are sold or rented or modified will require a current Compliance Certificate which has been assessed by a licensed Pool Safety Inspector/Certifier or council.

The fence must be 1200mm high with no gaps more than 100mm and no climbable objects next to the fence. Call us for a free assessment as we are fully versed in all requirements for swimming pool safety compliance in the Sutherland Shire.

Hotels, motels, hostels and tourist parks will also be subject to the same assessment but need certification on a regular basis.


Does your pool measure up?


So for the Sutherland Shire Pool Fencing Specialists, give us a call to discuss your no obligation free quote.

The Importance of Pool Fencing in Sutherland Shire and St George Area

We are particulary focused on pool fencing. You can rely on us for both frameless glass pool fencing and aluminium pool fencing in Sutherland Shire. Here’s why a smart pool fencing strategy is so important:

  • It is a legal requirement: To protect children against accidental drownings, New South Wales has multiple laws and requirements on the books that any pool owner must meet. These requirements dictate the height of the pool fence; the size of any gaps in the fence; the distance between the fence and any trees or climbable objects; and more. At All Southern Fencing & Gates, we are very familiar with all pool fence requirements in NSW and focus on compliance every time a client hires us for a job involving pool fencing in Sutherland Shire and St George.
  • Safety and security: Even if compliance weren’t a factor, a smart pool fencing strategy would still be essential. A fence makes it more difficult for someone to wander into the pool area and accidentally stumble into the water. It makes the pool less of a hazard to kids—both your children and any other children in the neighborhood. Security is a factor, too, as a fence can act as a deterrent that discourages trespassers from using your pool.
  • Aesthetics: Just because you are required to install a fence around your pool doesn’t mean the fence has to be ugly. Many homeowners incorporate pools into the landscaping of their properties and don’t wish to build fences that impact sight-lines or obscure the beautiful pool area. At All Southern Fencing & Gates, we are skilled at making frameless glass fencing in Sutherland Shire & St George—beautiful fences that maintain sight-lines, the flow of natural light, and beautiful aesthetics.